Thursday, February 16, 2012

-_-;; Costume malfunction

Okay. Since I've finally gotten back into the right mindset to work on Deckerd, I've decided that some parts are getting an overhaul. Namely, the lower legs/feet. I have found that mainly due to the fact that cardboard just doesn't have much give, and because I'm a bit of a derp when it comes to actually fitting stuff, the lower legs are very uncomfortable to wear for any period of time. Hopefully, by changing the material to foam (sort of like cheap memory foam), I'll be able to not only have a more comfortable costume, I'll have a more store-able costume.


Half-face mask to replace the paper mache one: $1.99
Makeup for the lower half of my face: Unknown currently
Posterboard: $1.00-ish.
Cardboard for most of the costume: Free (Yay for fridge boxes and postal boxes)
Foam: Unknown currently
Fabric to cover everything: Currently unknown, aside from the red fabric (I had some in my stash... I think it was $.99 at the thrift store, in the form of pants... I was originally going to use them to make a "Badly Done" Sora from Kingdom Hearts. This was back in my "Asshole" phase, when I was a member of CosFu (Look it up. I'm not linking)) though it shouldn't be more than $20-25...