Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update on the costume, Current Price List and Materials List

Half-face mask to replace the paper mache one I had made but couldn't breath in while wearing: $1.99
Makeup for the lower half of my face: Unknown
Posterboard: $1.00-ish.
Cardboard for most of the costume: Free (Yay for fridge boxes and postal boxes)
Foam: Unknown
Fabric to cover everything: Unknown
Black "Opera Length" gloves: $1.99
Undersuit: $31
LEDs: Unknown As an update: I've started hot-gluing parts, and I've modified the costume so the torso and hips are separate, so mobility has been improved. I need to rebuild the forearms, lower legs, and parts of the helm, as well as actually build the shoulders and holsters... not to mention the lightbars. I still want those suckers to light up.