Friday, August 26, 2011

No pics this time...

I started on making the lower legs, since I raided a friend's Facebook photo album that she dedicated entirely to pictures of Deckerd... (BTW, Andey, I'll prolly be getting most of my reference shots either from you or from screencaps I take on my own... 'cause otherwise, I'll be so lost... ._.;; ) and she had a picture of Deckerd from several angles... which helped me visualize pattern pieces. I will need velcro to keep the lower legs on, since I'm making the opening around my knees about as big around as where my knees bend... there will be much duct tape involved... I need to work on drafting out the knee area too.

I found that the appliance place in town gets shipments once a week or so, and if I go on Wednesdays after letting them know I need a box, they'll hang onto one for me, free of charge. :3

So far, total cost has been $0.60, because most of the materials are boxes that I had on hand anyways, and the poster-board was the only purchase so far... That'll prolly change once I get to the actual duct taping, and getting foam for the insides of the armor so it doesn't collapse on me... as well as the velcro, and the hat that I'll be building the head off of...

Everything I learn as I make this costume is going to be applied to my Transformers Animated Megatron costume as well.

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